The team

Equipe France Médical Enchères

Direction générale

Portrait de Markus Grad Co-fondateur & Président de France Médical Enchères
Markus Grad
Co-founder & CEO

Markus has worked within the Healthcare re-marketing sector for the past 22 years. As President of FME and CEO of British Medical Auctions, the UK’s largest dedicated Medical Auction house, he brings a huge wealth of experience to the French surplus medical marketplace.

Portrait de Jean-Pierre Cardoso Directeur Général de France Médical Enchères
Jean-Pierre Cardoso
Co-founder & Managing Director

Jean-Pierre has held senior management positions for major companies such as GE Healthcare, Mubadala Capital and Siemens Financial Services internationally.
He has more than 25 years of experience in the medical equipment market and co-founder of the first transactional platform (MEDTRADA company) specialized of selling through auction pre-owned imaging equipment for European public and private hospitals.

Commissaire priseur

Iraj Waliullah Commissaire-Priseur Habilité - France Médical Enchères
Iraj Waliullah

Certified by the National Chamber of Auctioneers, Iraj is the auctioneer of France Medical Auctions. He is also auctioneer for and Alcopa Auction, the leading European auction house in the automotive sector.

Ressources Humaines

Portrait de Christel Fontaine HR Manager - France Médical Enchères
Christel Fontaine
Digital & Back-office Manager

Christel holds a Master Doctorate Languages and Applied Economics in English & German (Sorbonne). She started as Executive Assistant at Fortis Commercial Finance and then at Johnson & Johnson and Level 3 Communication (Century Link). 
In 2009, she created her trading used cars company specialized in “Girly Cars” and she also worked in communication, sales and customer relationship management as a Consultant-Trainer for a large retail group.
In 2020, she joins FME as the Office Manager to facilitate and streamline the company’s activities to support each team member to create value.

Service Commercial

Portrait de Nathalie Nikitin Business Developper - France Médical Enchères
Nathalie Nikitin
Business Developper

After more than 16 years in the sale of luxury services to large French and international groups, Nathalie joined the FME team to take charge of the commercial development of auctions and to ensure day-to-day communication with sellers.

Afdokia El Halaby  Business Development Manager
Afdokia El Halaby
Business Development Manager


Valérie Josien - Relationship Manager
Josien Valérie
Relationship Manager


Service Logistique

Portrait de Greg Courtey Product & Logistics Manager - France Médical Enchères
Greg Courtey
Product & Logistics Manager

Greg started his career as a stage actor.

He joined FME in 2019 as a Product Manager. He's been in charge of the logistics and products team since June 2021. He manages the auctions preparation, from the technical tests on medical devices, to the inventory management, the storage and the logistics coordination pre- and post auctions.

Loic Louisar Spécialiste produits - France Médical Enchères
Loïc Louisar
Product Specialist

About Loïc

Loïc is part of the FME logistics team since April 2021.

He brings a real expertise as he's been working in the transportation of medical devices since 2013 !

Vaikunth Vijayakumar - Deputy Logistics Manager
Vaikunth Vijayakumar
Deputy Logistics Manager