Sale mandate


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Trusted third party

France Medical Auctions is an operator of voluntary sales ("OVV") of public auction furniture governed by Law No. 200-642 of July 10, 2000 and amended by the law of July 20, 2011.

In this capacity, France Medical Enchères acts as agent of the Seller (Article L. 321-5 of the French Commercial Code) which contracts with the Contractor. France Medical Enchères is therefore not a party to the sale. Likewise, France Medical Enchères does not own the Articles / Lots and is not a reseller.

Sales are only done by auction. Items / Lots are sold "as is and where they are".

The Seller gives power to France Medical Auction to represent him in order to sell any Equipment he has been entrusted to him under this mandate.

Sale Mandate

The mandate can be granted for an auction or for several auctions.

The mandate consists of a service offer specifying the particular conditions and general T&C's of the auction.

This mandate allows to:

- communicate with Buyers,

- receive offers from Buyers

- Concurrently sell the equipment on the platform and in the auction room with or without reserve price,

- invoice the successful bidders and collect the VAT according to the applicable VAT system,

- cash the funds on behalf of the Seller,

- return the net proceeds of the sale to the seller

France Médical Enchères in consideration of its status, is acting as an agent on behalf of the Seller, will issue the sale invoice of an object taxed " Invoice Statement" for the Seller and a Purchase Auction Invoice for the Buyer.